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Product Design

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The steel beam element par excellence changes function becoming a furnishing accessory, no longer structural but decorative. Metal is replaced by marble, a noble material and element of purity made in Italy.

The HEA project conceived by Michael Milesi of Millesimi for Delodecor was born from the revisitation of the H-section metal profile , a tribute to a symbol of the industrial success of the 20th century.

An innovative study starting from the virtue of the material converted, through a contemporary language and refined craftsmanship, into a table and floor lamp in three dimensions, which fascinates both when turned on and off.

In HEA Lamp the core of the beam "breaks" leaving space for the light beams which create a union between the rigor of the marble and the lightness of the light.

This fusion of contrasting elements gives the lamp a unique scenic presence, emphasized by the possibility of customization in different types of marble. Whether it is made of Calacatta, Marquinia, Guatemala, Travertine or others, the lamp takes on a distinctive character and timeless elegance.

Every detail, taken care of with artisanal precision, contributes to creating a luminous work of art that celebrates the interplay between materiality and lighting, making the HEA lamp not only a functional object, but also a refined icon of contemporary design.

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