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Product Design

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The series translates MORI , the designer's iconic subjects, into an ironic and elegant modular pattern, proposed in a refined range of colors.

Surreal cameos set in retro graphics, MORI pop by MILLESIMI winks at art and fashion.


MILLESIMI's MORI pop winks at art and fashion, transmitting a new pop vision of luxury and extravagance between art and fashion, where the traditional classic of yesteryear is revisited in a contemporary key.

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TOILE is the new collection by MILLESIMI, a classic plot that reinvents itself, such a modern atmosphere in a timeless theme.

A new made in Italy fabric inspired by the influence of oriental prints in the fashion of the Roaring Twenties, a dream of the past that comes to life on a monochrome background with its idyllic and romantic motifs revisited.

In TOILE the combination of fashion and interior design is essential, a contemporary Toile de Jouy in which the combination of East and West replaces the traditional fabric scenes.

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DECO is the opulence signed by MILLESIMI, a new collection of fabrics essentially characterized by simple and linear shapes capable of transmitting an elegant symmetry to the environments.

The luxury of the 1920s expressed by curved lines alternating with geometries, simplifications and symbolisms.

The textures of Art Déco summarized in an iconic pattern synonymous with the refinement of a fashion that has never actually gone out of fashion.

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INTRECCI a touch of décor with Parisian charm.


A collection inspired by a walk in Montmartre, the colors and textures of the bistrot transferred on walls and printed fabrics.


Italian creativity and production blends with the symbols of French craftsmanship and tradition, the charm of their intertwining is timeless.

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